Preventative Maintenance


Reduce your down-time

Omniflex offers a comprehensive preventative maintenance program. It begins with a thorough survey and audit of all systems. Every hose and tube assembly is labelled, identified and recorded. A report is generated summarizing the replacement value of each product along with any recommendations to improve routing, safety or performance.


If an assembly should need to be replaced, the part number on the label will identify it to our service people and it will be replaced immediately with one phone call. Service life is monitored and recommended replacement intervals are recommended.


After our survey, audit and identification of your hydraulic systems we can provide with an ongoing regular inspection service to ensure a well maintained system.


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Authorized Life Sense Certified Assembly Shop

Unexpected hydraulic hose failure is a significant challenge with serious consequences — consequences that can be costly.


Developing a solution that would help our customers deal with hydraulic power more safely, effectively  and efficiently just made sense.


The result is LifeSense®, an intelligent hydraulic hose condition monitoring system that detects failure-related events within a hose and provides advance notification the product is approaching the end of its useful life.



• Improve Profit

• Improve Safety

• Improve Environmental Impact

• Maximize Uptime



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