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The Aeroquip Premier Distributor Affiliate Program allows independent dealers or distributors that do not carry an Eaton/Aeroquip competitor’s hose and fitting line, to become an authorized Aeroquip distributor.


This is an ideal business relationship for the Affiliate Distributor since the supporting Premier Distributor – Omniflex Hose and Equipment Ltd.


• Carries a full range of Aeroquip products

• Has certified hose assembly personnel to ensure highest quality products and training

• Has Aeroquip approved Product Specialists for technical support

• Has experience to provide marketing and promotional support

• Direct sales contact for improved communication

• Backup inventory tailored to the Affiliate’s needs with local availability

• Quick turn around of rush needs

• Minimized freight costs

• Provides “Aeroquip Products Sold Here” merchandising kit


Further benefits of an Affiliate distributing these Eaton/Aeroquip products:


• Product reputation for quality and reliability

• Brand name – Eaton/Aeroquip

• Premier distributor service

• Eaton/Aeroquip brand enhances the Affiliate’s image

• MatchMate Plus Hose Program

• TuffCoat hose products

• Bruiser hose products

• AQP hose products

• Truck and engine hose and fittings

• Teflon hose and fittings

• Thermoplastic hose and fittings

• EZ Clip and other Air Conditioning hose and fittings

• Dry Connect quick disconnect couplings

• Wide selection of hydraulic adapters

• Metric hose fittings

• Global spiral hose, fittings and assemblies


There are two steps to becoming an Affiliate Distributor


• Sign an Affiliate Distributor Agreement

• Begin selling as an Aeroquip Distributor


Contact an Omniflex sales office for further information.


There are two steps to becoming

an Affiliate Distributor:


1. Sign an Affiliate Distributor Agreement

2. Begin selling as an Aeroquip Distributor


There’s nobody better in the business


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