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Omniflex caters to the demanding Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) market.


We are Eaton-Certified Fluid Conveyance Experts (E-CERT™). We offer quick access to Eaton’s products coupled with our design and assembly expertise, competitive value and just-in time delivery of custom hose assemblies in bulk or kit format. Our capability covers ¼” to 2 ½” hose assemblies ,from low to super high pressures (6000 PSI), from low temperature (-70º F) to high temperature (+400º F) tube stocks, and from North American to metric thread ends on our hose fittings and adapters.


Every assembly is cleaned, capped and labeled for identification. Kitting/Sub-Kitting further enhances the order process by identifying in one container the exact product required to plumb a unit or sub-assembly.


Contact Mike Curnew to learn more about our guarantee of customer satisfaction when Omniflex manufactures your hose assemblies.


Bulk hose assemblies

Reusable containers

Cardboard cartons

Mobile carts


• JIT Delivery

• Kitting/Sub-Kitting

• Leak-free Product

• ISO Cleanliness Levels


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